Parish Events

Parish Picnic

Once a year the entire parish is invited to come together for a social outing and picnic at Dunbar, East Lothian. The most recent picnic at Dunbar took place on Sunday 21 June 2015 and was a great success. Photos of this year’s picnic can be found on the parish Facebook page.

Book Club

The parish has a vibrant and lively book club who meet once a month to discuss the month’s book selection.

Recently, author Peter Gilmour visited our book club to discuss his book ‘The Convalescent’ and some members of the group then attended the launch of Peter’s new book ‘Spring Manoeuvres’.

At present no new members are being accepted to the group, but the monthly book choice can be found on the parish Facebook page and you should contact Julie Daubenspeck if you would like your name added to the waiting list.

Rough Cast Productions

On the run up to Christmas and in May the parish's drama group, Rough Cast Productions, performs a stage show for the parish. The shows are renowned for their comedy with lots of singing, mediocre acting and in general a good excuse to laugh at the parish cast.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved. Rough Cast Productions has their own Facebook page which we’d love you to follow and you can contact the group at

Other Events

There are other events during the year and these will be added both here and on our Facebook page.